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Zencom Evolving Technology

Say goodbye to unnecessary time, money and effort spent on keeping your PBX up and running. Instead, say hello to speedy deployment, easy-management and cutting-edge communication technology at a fraction of the cost, by moving your PBX to the cloud.

About Us

Zencom is a professional business telecoms solutions and equipment provider, we have a service area across South Africa. We provide telecommunications consulting, call savings and telecom’s solutions, including Hosted PBX systems and business VOIP products for small, medium and corporate organizations.

We also understand that businesses today are dynamic – requiring speed and mobility – that’s why Zencom offers solutions that allow you to be connected to your phone system in multiple devices and locations. We keep growing our foot-print moved by the best VoIP engine in the industry.

Our Mission Statement

We at Zencom are constantly striving to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of our communications products, services and solutions to meet our customer’s current and future requirements.

We take our responsibility and commitment to our clients seriously, and that’s what sets us apart and above from other service providers in the telecommunications market.

Our Values

  • Passion for Customers
  • Always embracing innovation- its key to our success
  • Integrity and honesty in everything we do- its part of our DNA
  • Go the extra mile- aim to exceed expectations
  • Investing in our team – they are the heart of our business
  • Commitment to excellence- consistently deliver best in class support


We do believe in excellence, and our support team works to deliver it. Transparent and straight to the point. The complete solution, that’s what you can expect from Zencom, from internet-connection and networking to phones, headsets and computers, we can tailor the perfect package for your business and be your all-inone Telecom provider.​

Hosted PBX

The Hosted PBX solution has all the features of a traditional Private Branch Exchange but is hosted in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about managing or operating it.


With our Voip platform you can enjoy phenomenal savings – Save 60% or more on your monthly bill and up to 90% in deployment costs compared to traditional phone systems.


We have partnered with the major fibre and LTE services providers in South Africa, this helps us to give you a very competitive pricing offer that will suit your business needs.

CCTV / Networking

We offer installation of CAT5 and CAT6 network points for any networking job, we also offer a wide range of networking switches and IP cameras​

Reasons to choose our services

Communicating has never been so important as it is today. With premium phone management tools, we can help you stay on top of your company’s communication


Exclusive call rates: Save up to 50% on calls compared to your old Telco bill


Is your business growing or moving offices? VoIP works on a per seat model, you can add or delete users as the need arises.


Manage staff working requirements via our Web Portal giving you the power to re-route calls and manage hunt groups anytime.


A complete and modern phone system with all the features for full control over your calls.